How to Choose the Right Snow Blower for Your Property

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When the snow starts to pile up on your driveway and sidewalks, you don’t have much choice but to pull on a hat and gloves and clear it. When the snow starts to pile up on your driveway and sidewalks, you don’t have much choice but to pull on a hat and gloves and clear it. 

Not only do you need a cleared driveway to get to where you need to go, but here in Boulder County, clearing the snow in front of your house is the law — not shoveling your sidewalk within 24 hours of snowfall could leave you with a hefty fine.

For many people, shoveling is a chore that can leave you with back pain and a bad chill, especially if you’re out in the cold for hours on end. And this strain can be made worse if you aren’t using a good shovel.

A snow blower makes it quick and easy to clear the snow from your property. And quickly clearing the snow away from your sidewalk and driveway is important to prevent ice buildup — something that’s a lot harder to get rid of than snow.

But what kind of snow blower is the right kind for you: electric or gas?

Both types have their own pros and cons. Electric snow blowers are the go-to for convenience, while gas is better suited for big jobs.

Let’s take a close look at the two options so you can choose the right tool for clearing snow — while skipping the shoveling backache.

Electric Snow Blower Pros

Electric Snow Blower Cons

  • Electric snow blowers have less power
  • Can’t move as much snow as quickly as gas snow blowers
  • Electric snow blowers have smaller intakes so it takes longer to clear snow
  • Not very effective in extremely deep snow
  • Electric snow blowers need a power source (and long enough cord) to do its job

There are also battery-powered options, which come with a limited charge. That means that if you’ve got a lot of snow to clear, your battery might not last for the whole job. But having a second battery ready to go when the first runs out of juice can be a simple solution.

Gas Snow Blower Pros

  • More power and bigger intake means they can move more snow faster
  • Use anywhere — not dependent on power source

Gas Snow Blower Cons

  • More expensive
  • May require more maintenance
  • Larger and take up more space
  • Louder than electric snow blowers

How to Choose Between a Gas and Electric Snow Blower

An electric snow blower is a great option if you have a short driveway and a small amount of walkway and sidewalk or deck surface area to take care of. It can also be a good option if you don’t expect a lot of snow, though we wouldn’t bet on this in Boulder County.

Gas snow blowers are great for big jobs. A lot of deep, heavy snow on long driveways don’t pose a challenge for powerful gas snow blowers. And more power means a bigger intake, so you can get the job done faster with gas.

Plus, since you don’t have to be close to an electric power source, you can use them anywhere you need.

Besides the price tag, the primary con to gas-powered snow blowers is that they require more maintenance than electric ones.

You need to keep your blower fueled with gas, change the oil changes, and replace the spark plugs and filters from time to time.

Beyond the Driveway — Protecting Your Property All Winter Long

A snow blower is a quick and easy way tool for clearing your driveway and sidewalks. But keeping your street clear is the snow plow’s job.

While snowplows are essential to keeping public roads clear, they can also present a real threat to your property. Every winter, snowplows accidentally take out mailboxes and sprinklers, and rip up driveway edges and sod.

Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this kind of damage on your property. Read our guide on how to prepare your property for the snowplows >