Tips on Choosing The Best Snow Shovel for Boulder, CO

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Choosing the right snow shovel can take a lot of the work out of the winter chore of removing snow from your driveway and sidewalk. There are quite a few sizes and styles of snow shovels available, and they can be suitable for different snow removal tasks, like shoveling driveway snow. We get a lot of winter snow in Boulder, so for homeowners in the area, shoveling snow is an unavoidable part of winter landscaping.

What Kinds of Shovels Are Available?

There are numerous kinds of snow shovels available for sale at your local hardware store, and the volume of choices can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what to look for. Here’s a little bit of information about some of the shovels you can use to remove winter snow in Boulder. For a visual, check out this cool infographic.

24 inch snow shovels. These relatively large, broad shovels are better for actively shoveling snow — picking it up and then transferring it — than for simply pushing it aside.

18 inch snow shovels. These have a bent, offset handle, which helps reduce back strain while you’re using it. It has a smaller blade than 24-inch snow shovels, which also makes it easier to handle and easier on your back.

Square nose shovels. These small, square shovels with relatively sharp corners are great for scraping off tough ice.
Course surface brooms. These long, stiff brooms can clear light dustings of snow from outdoor surfaces.

Round nose shovel. With a pointed, tapered tip, these shovels cut through the frozen burn that snow shovels can often leave behind

Scraper. These one-piece blades scrape ice off the pavement.

Aluminum scoops. These can handle big snow drifts, but they’re not particularly ergonomic to use.

30-inch shovels. These are for pushing and scraping as well as shoveling.

Rock salt. It’s not a shovel, but it’s an inexpensive way to decrease the quantity of snow you’ll need, to shovel.

Calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is also a type of chemical salt. It’s far more expensive than plain rock salt, but works at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Naturally, you don’t need one of every single type of equipment to remove driveway snow after a Boulder snow storm.

However, it’s important to choose shovels that you can use and handle easily, with minimal strain on your back. Injuries while shoveling snow are surprisingly common, especially among older people. You should also choose a shovel that works well with your height. If you’re tall, using a short shovel could necessitate too much bending and cause unnecessary strain, while a short person might grapple with an overly long shovel.

There are also different types of handles you can choose from. Folding handles are good for stashing in your car for emergencies, since they fold up to a relatively compact size. Ergonomic handles are recommended for using comfortably, as they’re engineered and designed to minimize strain and work with your body’s natural postures and movements. Dual handles have an extra secondary handle that can give you better leverage.

Why Shovel Snow Yourself? Leverage The Expertise of Professional Snow Removal Services in Boulder, CO

Why shovel all of the snow yourself? After a winter snow storm in Boulder, there’s an awful lot of snow, and removing it can cause some serious physical strain. At General Services Corporation, we provide professional snow removal services throughout Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding area. Call us any time to schedule the snow removal service.