How to Choose a Snow Removal Contractor

Boulder, CO Snow Removal Company

If you’ve ever spent a winter in Boulder County, you know we get a lot of snow. We get over 70 inches every season — that’s over twice the national average!

Boulder County also holds the Colorado state record for the biggest snowfall in a single day ever: On April 15, 1921, it snowed 76 inches!

While that kind of epic snow isn’t the norm, we usually get at least a handful of major snowstorms every year. And a big part of being prepared for snowfall is knowing how you’re going to remove it.

Some homeowners might be able to plan on a shovel or snowblower and a bit of elbow grease to get the job done.

But if you’ve got a large property, or if you’re a business owner who relies on safe, clear parking lots, sidewalks, and drives, then shoveling or snow blowing anytime there’s a big snowstorm may not be enough to get the job done.

That’s where commercial snow removal comes in.

In Boulder County, commercial and industrial property owners and landlords are required to keep their properties clear of snow. Ignore the law, and you’ll face a possible fine or civil charge. Not to mention risking injury to you, your employees, customers, or tenants.

Who Should Hire a Snow Removal Contractor?

You might need commercial snow removal if:

  • You manage one or more rental properties
  • You own or manage a commercial property (like a store, restaurant, etc.) or an industrial lot
  • You manage a hospital, bank, or government building
  • Piled up snow is keeping people from visiting your business
  • Snow on your lot’s sidewalks, parking lots, and drives presents a liability if a pedestrian is injured
  • You want to save the time and hassle of clearing snow yourself
  • You have a large home with lots of areas that need snow removal
  • You want to prevent damage to your property from cars sliding out on snow covered drives and parking lots

If you’ve never hired a snow removal contractor, you might not be sure what to look for in a professional agency. We’ve got the tips to help you make the right choice.

Tips for Hiring Your Snow Removal Contractor

There are a lot of guys with trucks and attached snow plows out there advertising their snow removal services on Facebook and Craigslist. But that doesn’t mean they’re professionals.

You need a reliable, professional, and insured contractor to take care of snow on your property — otherwise, you could be liable for injury or damage on your property.

With that in mind, here are 5 things we recommend doing when looking for a quality snow removal contractor.

1. Get More Than One Estimate

Request estimates from as many commercial snow removal companies as possible. You want to make sure you’re getting a competitive price.

But keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. There’s more to good commercial snow removal than just a cheap price tag — there’s reliability, professionalism, certification, insurance, and overall quality of service to consider, as well.

2. Ask About Extra Fees in Advance

Some contractors have stipulations in their contracts for if snowfall is over a certain amount. That means they can charge extra for each inch of snow over the contractual limit.

Others have a fixed fee that covers any amount of snowfall for the entire season. Others yet base their pricing on an hourly basis, while others charge per visit.

Make sure you understand these fee structures before deciding on a snow removal contractor.

3. Confirm the Exact Services and Fees

Each property has unique needs, and pricing is going be based not just on the size of the lot but on what services you’re signed up for.

Do you just want snow plows to come by after a storm? Do you also need ice control, shoveling on steps, or sanding and salting?

And what about frequency of service? Will the contractor come only after a storm, or during it? Will they provide follow-ups to keep snow and ice in check?

Know the exact services you’re getting and the fees for each before hiring your contractor.

4. Get References

For starters, ask the contractor for professional references of some of their other clients. Follow up with a couple of these contacts and ask if they’ve been happy with the contractor’s work.

Second, check the internet for reviews of the contractor. Some good places to look are the company’s profiles on Angie’s List, Facebook, and Yelp.

Finally, make sure the contractor is insured or bonded. You can ask them for proof of this.

5. Put It in Writing

Once you’ve found the contractor with the right price, positive references, and services you need, it’s time get a contract to make it official.

Your snow removal contract should specify the exact services you’re hiring the company for, the agreed-upon frequency of service, and all associated fees. It should also have a section that allows for termination of service if you need to get out of the contract.

Before you sign a contract, have a rep from the contractor come and review your property in person so they understand your exact needs and can confirm they can provide the service you require.

If all is good, then all you need to do is get your contract signed by both parties and you’re good to go!

How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

GSC’s Professional Snow Removal charges a flat fee per snow removal. Our pricing is not hourly, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to clear your property each time we visit. Request a quote here »

We’re also one of the only fully certified snow professional contractors in the state of Colorado. Plus, our commitment to safety means that all our work is heavily insured with $4,000,000 for property damage and $1,000,000 for vehicle damage.

Our snow removal experts take care of snow so you don’t have to worry about it. Our team of plow drivers will keep your drives, sidewalks and lots clear of snow and ice buildup. We can even haul built-up snow off your property entirely. And after a storm is done, we’ll check in to keep windblown snow and ice at bay.

Learn more about GSC’s Professional Snow Removal service here »