What To Look For in a Snow Removal Company

Boulder, Colorado Lawn Maintenance Jobs

With wintery months right around the corner, our team is busy prepping, training and gearing up for the snow and ice ahead. General Services Corporation is a well-equipped organization, ready to tackle snowfall as early as September. We trust in our readiness and encourage you to do the same.

It’s never too early to begin selecting a Boulder snow and ice removal company. Your HOA, home residence, business or corporation should be serviced by the finest. We’ve supplied you with the appropriate attributes to look for when choosing a company. Your life shouldn’t be halted due to snow and ice storms, leave that to the professionals.

Weigh Your Options

It’s necessary to check and meet with multiple snow removal companies for comparison. You may find that one is less expensive but the other provides greater services for your dollar. Each organization is run under different management, diverse team members and unlike equipment. Give yourself adequate time to obtain quotes and ask pertinent questions, the more you know, the better your selection.

Are They Insured?

Damage is possible when working in unknown conditions. The large equipment and dapper weather can cause damage to driveways, sidewalks and roads. It’s an absolute must for the company you select to have property damage insurance, vehicle insurance and liability insurance. It would be a shame for you to pay for a broken driveway out of your own pocket. Chat with each company about their insurances, how high their coverage reaches and if they’d be able to provide a certificate of coverage in their bid.

Beware of Hidden Costs

Maintain open communication with each company about their bids and hidden costs. Are front step and sidewalk shoveling included in their overall bid, or will that be an added expense? Should a winter storm cause chaos twice in one day, will they charge extra to return and perform the services a second time? Some companies charge extra for the use of a snow blower and hand shoveling. Snowfall can also add up, is your company charging by the snowfall per inch? These are all questions to ask and inquiries to research before selecting your snow removal contractor.

Memberships & Awards Are Valuable

Being a member of the Better Business Bureau provides companies with trusted recognition and statewide backing. If contractors are a part of the local chamber of commerce, you know they acknowledge their community with gratitude. You also want to check for valuable associations companies are affiliated with. This can include the Snow & Ice Management Association and Certified Snow Professionals, an exclusive organization where an owner or manager of the company is tested on their knowledge and skills.

Referrals & References

When in doubt, ask the company for referrals and references. Past clients will provide you with deep insight to the company’s strong points, and at times, low points. These are all respected customers who have embarked on the journey you’re about to take, cherish their words and hold the company to those standards.