Don’t be Caught Off-Guard by Boulder Winters

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With the end of summer approaching, Boulderites will welcome the first snowfall with open arms, hand warmers and bulky coats. While rain can be sparse throughout the summer months, snowfall frequents the charming town during the winter season. This frequency provides a welcome break from the heat and dryness that’s ever present from June to August.

Boulder’s elevation peaks at 5,430 feet and offers residents easy access to the Rocky Mountains. Visitors and residents alike have many adventures at their fingertips—hiking, biking and skiing to name just a few—and with nearly 250 days of sunshine, they make the most of them. Boulder is a beautiful place in every season, but winter is an especially treasured time.

Time to start preparing!

We’re in the midst of summer now, but snow can fall as early as September with the earliest documented snowfall occurring on September 12th in 1974. It’s not uncommon for children to trick-or-treat in winter coats and boots, hiding their precious costumes. Despite this, the winter months can also offer many mild days with temperatures in the mid to high 50’s and, on unique days, the mid 70s.

Between these unseasonal warm days, it’s still a town full of winter wonder and snow angels. On average, Boulder receives 88 inches of snowfall per year, making it the snowiest city in the Colorado Front Range. Blizzard activity is unusual for the town of Boulder though, meaning most winter day, even with snowfall, are quite mellow and pleasant. The last documented blizzard was in December of 2006 when 20 inches of snowfall accumulated in just two days.

We’re Here to Help

Whether it’s a regular dusting of snow or a rare blizzard, the team at General Services Corporation is here to help. GSC offers snow removal, which includes plowing, shoveling and de-icing. Let us do the dirty—or snowy—work while you enjoy all the activities and tranquility of Boulder winters. Our goal is to ensure that you, your coworkers and loved ones are always safe, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. Get a head start and call us today or request a quote online. Preparation is key; winter will be here before you can say, “let it snow!”