Controlling Night Ice as Daytime Temps Warm Up

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Remember all those big snow piles you made while plowing or shoveling during the last big winter storm? Now that the days are getting warmer and the sun is getting stronger, they’re going to slowly start melting. Every day, they will melt a few more inches or maybe even a few feet. This could create a lot of runoff that takes a while to drain. Especially toward the end of the day, it’s likely that the melting snow piles will freeze overnight, creating a slippery morning. So what can you do to control ice and runoff?

Professional Snow Removal

The term “Ice Watch” refers to hiring a professional snow removal contractor to take on the responsibility and liability of preventing icy buildups on sidewalks or parking lots. The professional makes every effort to remove snow piles to prevent melting and refreezing, thereby reducing injury to visitors, customers, guests, and anyone else on the property. You can agree to a seasonal contract, per-diem contract, or special contract that addresses when, where, and how the professional will help with your icing needs. The cost is usually an hourly rate plus the cost of materials to treat the property.

Invest in Ice Melt

If you want to take on┬áthe de-icing┬áresponsibility yourself, make sure you do your research on ice melt products. It’s important to read the directions before applying ice melt to your property. Using too much can lead to people tracking it inside or it burning nearby flowers and plants. However, not using it at all could be an expensive mistake if someone slips and falls.

De-icers and ice melt products are important in preventing slip and fall accidents. If you’re up for the challenge of finding the right kind of ice melt for your property, learning how to apply it properly, and cleaning it up before it damages your floors or grounds, this is a great way to rid your surfaces of ice.

Prevent Ice Buildup

If there’s no snow to melt, there won’t be any ice the next morning. A good way to avoid snow melt is to hire a truck to take the snow away. If this isn’t an option, consider some preventive measures such as salt, beet juice, alfalfa meal, or Bare Ground, which you can apply to a walkway before a storm to reduce snow accumulation. Make sure you stay informed and read about the products before purchasing.

December, January, and February are usually the coldest months of the year in Colorado. By March, temperatures start getting warmer during the day, but they can still dip below freezing at night. These fluctuating temperatures are a major culprit for melting and refreezing issues, which can cause extremely slippery conditions. Icy surfaces are a major cause of accidents in winter, so preventing or ridding surfaces of ice is the best way to make sure everyone stays safe in icy conditions.