5 Simple Tips for Controlling Ice and Snow This Winter

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As the winter months loom ahead of us here in Colorado, the threat of snow, sleet, and ice becomes more apparent. However, the problems brought on by winter storms do not have to give you stress and anxiety. There are many ways to control the potential catastrophes posed by inclement winter weather. Here are just a few tips to guide you.

A Budget-Friendly Approach

Clearing ice and snow is a costly venture, especially if you have a large coverage area. To combat the high prices of rock salt, try a few alternatives. One such remedy is using sand instead of salt for walkways and sidewalks. While the sand only slightly melts the snow in comparison to ice melt, it provides traction, which makes walking easier. It also doesn’t do any damage to cars and concrete like ice melt does. As far as de-icers, try using rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner diluted with water instead of pre-made liquid de-icer. The result is almost identical.

High Tech Options

With the advent of new technology, controlling ice and snow is much easier. One such advancement is a heated driveway system, which melts snow through pipes under the concrete. It’s less expensive than you’d think, starting at about $12 per square foot. Another addition is a remote starter for your car, which melts windshield ice and provides a cozy start for your morning commute.

Buy Some New Equipment

Buying new equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank. Consider purchasing a new shovel to clear snow. Ergonomically-friendly designs will help clear driveways in a fraction of the time and effort, and most cost under $50. If you have a business or large driveway, you might also want to think about a snow blower. Not only is it easier, but most start as low as $500. That way, you can enjoy time to yourself, hopefully indoors.

Keep the Roof From Leaking

One of the biggest problems from winter weather deals with the roof. Ice dams and mini avalanches from snow accumulation damage gutters or allow leaks to seep into the house. To avoid this, you need to keep your attic cold, as warm air in the attic allows ice and snow to melt on the roof. Keeping your attic cold is simple – all you need to do is insulate the attic and caulk any areas that allow warm air to enter.

Prep Your House

Before winter hits, make sure that your heating system is working properly. This prevents any problems that arise during a storm. It keeps your home warm even in bitterly cold temperatures. If you aren’t sure how to do it, contact a heating and cooling business to do an inspection.

Ice and snow are inevitable during the winter months. However, you have much more control if you follow these steps. More than anything else, remember to pay attention to incoming weather and deal with it beforehand. Being proactive is an important part of making the winter more bearable for yourself and others. Be sure to keep the number for a reliable snow removal company on hand in case you need more heave duty solutions.