When and For How Long Should I Water My Colorado Lawn?

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There’s a lot of controversy about how often and how much people should water their lawns. Depending on the climate and the weather of your region, your watering schedule might differ from someone five states away. These tips and tricks should help you understand exactly how and when to water your Colorado lawn to have the greenest, most beautiful lawn all summer.

Don’t Overdo It

The first rule of lawn watering, no matter the climate, is to water deeply and infrequently. Watering too often can cause plants to have shallow roots that can lead to disease, browning, and grass death. However, watering too deeply, such as running the sprinkler all night long, also makes grass vulnerable to disease and fungal infections. The best advice for lawn watering is to give the grass about a half an inch of water twice a week. If you’re using a sprinkler system, placing a small container out during your next watering will help you measure how long it takes the sprinklers to distribute a half an inch of water.

Timing is Everything

Another thing to remember is timing. You should never water your lawn during the heat of the day, from around 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or if the sun is particularly strong on the grass. Watering during the hottest part of the day can scorch the grass, plus most of the water will evaporate before the soil has a chance to absorb it. If you experience a heavy rainfall, you can also skip a weekly watering or shorten the time of the watering to avoid the risk of overwatering your lawn.

Dealing With Drought

If your area is experiencing a drought, you can also choose to let your lawn go dormant for up to two months, if necessary. Even if your lawn looks brown, grass is amazingly resilient and can last for months with little to no water. However, if your lawn is a heavily trafficked area, with children, pets, or grilling parties, a bi-weekly watering could be a great choice to avoid permanent damage. Though droughts aren’t overly common in Colorado, it’s important to know what to do if your region places restrictions on lawn watering. There are lots of good guides to keeping a lawn alive during a drought, like this one here.

Know Your Soil

The final key to¬†lawn care is knowing your soil type. Colorado soils tend to have lots of heavy clay and not many nutrients. This, plus the dry air and climate, can mean homeowners should water their lawns more deeply each week to penetrate the thick layer of clay in the soil. Clay doesn’t absorb water very quickly, so it may help to take breaks in your watering sessions to give the yard a chance to absorb the water first.

These few guidelines will help you keep a great-looking lawn throughout the entire Colorado summer, regardless of what the weather is like. Following these tips will give you a healthy lawn without the expense of having to hire a professional gardener and without spending hours each week looking after your lawn.