One of the Best Ways to Improve Lawn Beauty

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Anyone who owns or maintains property understands how important it is to take care of your lawn. A green, healthy looking lawn can do wonders to increase the aesthetic beauty and property value of your premises, but some people fall short of maintaining a beautiful property despite their best efforts.

To make your yard look fantastic, it takes a lot more than simply cutting and watering the grass. Too many property owners don’t understand how aeration can improve their lawns.

Understanding Aeration

First of all, many people don’t even understand what aeration is. Essentially, aeration is the process of creating numerous small holes in the soil to improve the health of your lawn.

The main problem aeration seeks to solve is soil compaction. With the passing of seasons (and many feet), soil can become packed very tight. On top of that (literally), debris, detritus, and thatch can accumulate that make it harder for the soil to absorb water and nutrients.

In turn, the health of your grass will suffer because it is not able to receive all of the nutrients and water that are unable to penetrate the compacted soil. However, after a lawn has been aerated, water, air, and nutrients like fertilizer can reach the grass’s roots via the aerated holes.

Aeration’s Effects on Grass Health and Longevity

Ultimately, the largest benefit from aeration is healthier, more vibrant grass. Soil that is too dense and compact won’t allow for grass’s roots to flourish. Instead of deep roots that help your grass survive during longer periods of drought or other unfavorable weather conditions, your grass will have shallower roots and a shorter lifespan. Furthermore, compact soil will prevent your lawn from absorbing the nourishment it needs to grow.

Conversely, and aerated lawn will help your grass develop roots that reach deep into the soil. The holes from aeration will allow water and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots to improve the health of your lawn.

The Best Time to Aerate

The best time to aerate your lawn depends on what type of grass you have. Generally speaking, the best times to aerate are in the spring and the fall seasons. However, if you have cool season grass you are better off aerating early in the spring and fall seasons. Conversely, if you have warm season grass, you are better off aerating late in the spring season.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Aerating your lawn provides a wealth of benefits including:
  • Your grass will have the ability to survive longer without water, while not looking wilted
  • Deeper roots and improved grass longevity
  • The reduction of waste that would otherwise create a breeding ground for harmful bugs
  • Reduction of puddles due to increased water absorption
  • Improved results from fertilizing your lawn

We don’t offer aeration here at GSC, but we do have many other lawn maintenance services that, when combined with occasional aeration, can greatly improve the appearance and health of your lawn! With the right tools, aeration can be quick and painless, as simple as a walk around the lawn!