Where to Dispose Your Yard Waste in Boulder/Longmont

Woman Carrying Firewood With Wheelbarrow

Taking care of your lawn year-round means figuring out what to do with your yard waste. From tree trimmings to glass clippings to dead leaves, knowing where to take your lawn waste is an important part of maintaining a clean and debris-free yard.

Here’s where you can dispose of your yard waste in Boulder, Longmont and the surrounding areas.

Boulder County and City of Boulder Yard Waste and Wood Waste Drop-Off Center

Where: 5880 Butte Mill Road, Boulder, CO 80301

Cost: Loading is available for free, or you can have your yard waste picked up for a fee. Local boulder county residents receive a 40% discount from contractors and non-local residents.

Be sure to separate your yard waste from your wood waste for drop-off or pick-up.

Accepted yard-waste:
• Grass clippings
• Leaves
• Weeds
• Flowers
• Sawdust
• Food waste (both vegetable and meat)

Unaccepted yard-waste:
• Sod
• Wood waste over 12” in diameter
• Animal droppings
• Lumber (accepted at the wood waste drop-off)
• Construction debris
• Dirt, rock, brick or pavers

Acceptable wood-waste:
The following wood waste must be untreated, unstained, and unpainted:
• Dimensional lumber
• Cutoffs
• Pallets
• Plywood
• Particleboard
• Engineered wood products (I-joists and microlams)

Unaccepted wood-waste
• Painted or stained wood
• Chemically treated wood (CCA, Creosol, others)
• Plastic wood products (wood-polymer lumber)

Boulder County Community Forestry Sort Yards

Where: Nederland Area Sort Yard – 291 Ridge Rd, Nederland, CO 80466
Meeker Park/ Allenspark Sort Yard: 8090-8118 S. St. Vrain Ave, Allenspark, CO 80510

Cost: Free

Accepted yard-waste:
• Logs
• Chunk & decayed wood
• Noxious weeds
• Slash & branches
• Pinecones, needles & leaves

Unaccepted yard-waste:
• Logs with branches
• Loose weeds & potted plants
• Treated lumber
• Construction waste
• Rocks & dirt
• Trash
• Stumps & rootballs
• Cut grass, lawn clippings & sod

Jay Hill Farm

Where: 5367 Jay Rd., Boulder, CO, 80301

Cost: Free

Accepted yard-waste:
• Leaves for organic composting

Unaccepted yard-waste:
• Branches
• Grass clippings

Longmont Waste Diversion Center

Where: 140 Martin St., Longmont, CO, 80501

Cost: Free for Longmont residents who bring a current City of Longmont utility bill and identification.

For Non-Residents and Commercial Businesses, prices range depending on the size of load you drop off. This site only accepts cash or checks.

Accepted waste:
• Yard waste, including tree limbs and leaves
• Compostable materials, including household food waste
• Single stream recyclables
• Plastic bags
• Used automotive and cooking oil, and automotive batteries
• Shredded paper
• Holiday trees, wrapping paper, and lights, during holiday season
• Styrofoam
• Scrap Metal

Louisville Grass-clipping and Leaves Drop-off Site

Where: 1200 Courtesy Rd, Louisville, CO 80027

Cost: Free

Only in operation October 17th – November 23, open daily from 8am – 3pm

Accepted waste:
• Leaves
• Grass trimmings

Unaccepted waste:
• Trash
• Branches
• Plastic garbage bags

With the onset of spring and fall, you may need help with raking, weeding, and clearing out general yard waste and debris. Learn more about lawn care services provide by General Services Corporation >