A Simple Checklist for Springtime Lawn Care


It seems as though spring has sprung a little early this year. Unseasonably warm temperatures might have some of us longing for snow, while others are jumping for joy at the warm weather’s early arrival.

That’s why it’s important to think about prepping your lawn for a Colorado spring sooner than later. It might come earlier than we’re used to!

Whether you’re hiring a professional to prep your lawn, or you’re going to DIY route, the lawn needs a lot of work. Here’s a checklist to make sure your lawn is ready for this year’s spring.

Rake Thatch and Dead Grass

It’s best to begin raking as soon as the snowy season is over (though we all know that you can’t predict the weather in Colorado!). Still, when the warmth and sun finally stay for good, it’s time to start removing the thatch and dead grass covering your lawn.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

It’s time to make room for growth with the arrival of spring! To make a lawn fresh and ready for the new season, branches that have been damaged by the harsh winter elements will need to be trimmed. Another tip: go ahead and trim summer-flowering shrubs, but wait for spring-flowering shrubs to bloom before trimming.

Compost Leaves and Dead Plants

Once the dead grass, leaves, thatch, and pruned branches from your lawn are gathered, they are ready to be composted. If you don’t have a designated compost pile or area, you can purchase bags or crates from home centers. Leaves and chips should be shredded for faster decomposition. The pile should be kept moist and needs to be aerated every couple of weeks.

Prep Lawn for Seeds

Even if there still may be a little snow in the near future, it’s not too early to start prepping the damaged soil on the sunny days of March and April. Salt and plows cause damage that must be removed in order to test the soil’s pH and prepare for seeding. When the time comes for seeding and fertilizing, your yard will be ready for growing grass!

Fix Up Patios, Driveways, and Pathways

Now that walkways and patios are clear of ice and snow, it’s time to give them a good cleaning. Remove stains by using a pressure washer to erase marks left by leaves and dirt. Refill sand and dirt between flagstones by brushing new fillers in and hosing it with water to set. Rake gravel back into aggregate driveways and paths to refill depressions and divots.

Retouch Fences and Decks

Wooden fences, decks, and patio furniture may need some TLC after the wear and tear from the winter weather. Rotting or damaged fence posts or pallets should be removed and replaced. Maintain the wooden furniture and structures by sanding, repainting, and refinishing where necessary.

A little springtime lawn care today will save you time and money in the upcoming months. If you haven’t got the time or ability to cleanup your lawn this spring, or need assistance maintaining it throughout the year, contact us!

Post image via Flickr by Kevin Dooley