Go Green Series: 5 Easy Ways to Go Green in the Bathroom

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So what’s all the buzz about “going green” about?

Perhaps you’ve heard about it on TV, from a neighbor, or maybe both. Going green is certainly becoming a trend, and for good reason. 

As time goes on, we’re learning more and more about the environment we occupy and our impact on it. We’re also learning more about how to take care of it, and that being eco-friendly starts in our own homes.

Thinking eco-friendly has more benefits than just protecting our environment. Other benefits to changing to a green lifestyle include:

  • Saving you money water and utility bills
  • Keeping your indoor environment safer and healthier
  • Teaching your children about the importance of being environmentally conscious

Every room in your house leaves its own carbon footprint on the environment, a factor that can be changed in different ways depending on what room it is.

That’s why we’re providing a comprehensive room-by-room guide to going green. Today’s focus? Your bathroom.

Going Green In The Bathroom

We use the bathroom more than many rooms in the house, and with that usage comes plenty of opportunities to go green.

1. Use Less Water


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  • The bathroom is where a majority of homeowners use the most water, and the toilet takes up most of that amount.
  • In fact, the toilet alone uses 27% of the water you go through.
  • With a low flow toilet, you can significantly reduce said amount of water usage.  Low flow means it uses less water to flush each time.
  • Any homes built past 1992 should have low flow toilets already.
  • If you have a low-flow toilet and wish to save even more water, you can install a double flush toilet, or a toilet that gives you 2 flush buttons, allowing you to determine how much water is used per flush.


  • Keep the ball rolling by installing a low flow shower head.
  • Low flow shower heads reduce the amount of water you use in the shower from 5-8 gallons per minute to 2.5-6.5 gallons.
  • As a special eco-friendly bonus, they also reduce the amount of energy you use to heat the water, saving you money in multiple ways while easing your conscience.


  • As for the sink, motion sensor faucets are a handy investment to limiting the amount of water you use, whether it be to wash your face or brush your teeth.
  • These handy faucets ensure that water is saved during every moment spent not needing it, like when you’re scrubbing on face wash or putting toothpaste on your toothbrush.

2. Install Energy Efficient Lighting


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Bathroom lighting can be less than efficient. We seek light that’s bright enough that we can see ourselves clearly in the mirror, and sometimes we use various bulbs to create the desired effect.
We use our bathroom multiple times a day, turning these bulbs on and off more often than most places in the house.

In order to know how bright your bathroom is and how much lighting it really needs, you can use a handy tool called a light meter.

To do this, first use the meter to test the level of natural light in the room with the lights off. Then, measure the amount of lights with your current lights on.

Subtract the initial amount from the second, and you have the difference. You can compare the difference to the proper light levels for energy efficiency and choose your lighting accordingly with the new information.

Thanks to many people going green, incandescent lightbulbs are now a thing of the past.

Switch your bulbs to LEDs. They provide plenty of lighting and ambience while using just a quarter of the amount of energy of incandescents!

3. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!


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Take a moment to think about how much you throw away in the bathroom…empty toothpaste tubes, mascara bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles — the list goes on.

Reduce waste and save yourself some money and help keep plastic out of the ocean  by buying reusable toiletry containers and making or buying your products in bulk. Many cleaning products are now being sold in refillable containers, so buy those in bulk, too!

Chances are, when you were picturing things you throw away in the bathroom you may have cringed at the memory of throwing away a fistful of partially soaked paper towels.

Rid yourself of the cringe factor by replacing paper towels with handy microfiber towels, or torn up t shirts as rags for the messier jobs.

4. Switch to All Natural Bath Products


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Natural bath products are not only better for your skin, but they eliminate the possibility of harmful chemicals the can create toxic air pollution.

If you’re looking for a relaxing scent to enhance your relaxation, try candles made from 100% beeswax. They’re natural air fresheners, and provide just as much of the intoxicating scents you love as your old candles.

And don’t worry, this certainly doesn’t mean giving up your beloved bath salts. There are plenty of all natural options in that department, too.

There are plenty of options for all natural bubble bath soap. Skin Care Ox recommends bubble baths like the Babo Botanicals 3 in 1.

5. Reduce Chemical Toxins With All Natural Cleaning Supplies


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Let’s be honest: No matter how much you clean up after yourself bathrooms needs to be cleaned pretty consistently.

Unfortunately, many bathroom cleaners contain harmful toxins that can give the illusion of clean surfaces while actually being harmful to you and your family.

While some toxins can cause immediate effects like respiratory issues and irritated eyes and others can cause chronic, long-term effects like lung damage or cancer.

The good news? A lot of the stuff you can use to safely clean your bathroom can be found in your kitchen pantry!

Glass, for example, can be cleaned with a simple 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water in a reusable spray bottle!

Keep the vinegar handy, because mixed with baking soda it can also be used as a toilet cleaner!

You name the mess and chances are there’s a natural solution.Just a few adjustments to your bathroom can make it cleaner, prettier and yes, better for the environment.

Just like that, you’re well on your way to a green home where you can breathe easier thanks to fresh air and a clean conscience.

The eco-friendly fun doesn’t stop there, though. Check out these ways to go green in the kitchen »