4 Reasons You Should Hire Someone to Clean Your House

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A few decades ago, hiring a house cleaning service was a priority mostly reserved for the well-to-do. But nowadays, a cleaning service is an affordable way to save time and give your house the love it needs.

Between work, picking up the kids from school and making dinner, most of us struggle to find time to keep the house spic and span.

The affordability and convenience of a professional house cleaning service can help keep your house clean and organized, all while giving you more time to focus on all of life’s demands.

Your Time Is Valuable

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service? All the extra free time you’ll have.

Depending on such factors as the size of your home, family, and whether you have pets, chores like vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping could take several hours a week.

Imagine using the time you spend buffing out stains on your kitchen counter or mopping the floor to take your kids to the park or go on a date night with your partner. You could catch up on work or dive deeper into a side-hustle or passion project.

Not only that, but cleaning services are far more thorough and detailed than the average homeowner.

From sanitizing all the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom to dusting hard-to-reach ceiling fans and lampshades, a professional cleaning service can mean the difference between a somewhat organized home to one that shines.

You Need Help for the Holidays

Despite the family and feasting of the holiday season, it can be a cause of stress for many people. Nearly one-quarter of Americans report “extreme stress” at holiday times for several reasons — with a big factor being lack of time.

Between trying to balance shopping, cooking and decorating, cleaning the house may be at the bottom of your priority list.

But if you’ve got friends and family coming over, you’ll want your home to be a clean and comfortable space to celebrate.

Getting your home in perfect condition to host friends and family can be a time-consuming process that adds extra stress to your holiday preparation.

Hiring a professional house cleaning service before your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s festivities can take a load off your plate so you can enjoy food, family, and fun.

You Have Pets

If furry friends are part of your family, chances are they like to make themselves comfortable on beds, couches, rugs, and chairs throughout your home. And your pet’s favorite places to lounge tend to be their hair’s favorite places to stick.

No matter how diligent you may be about lint-rolling, vacuuming, and brushing out your dog or cat, your pet can shed faster than you can clean.

Their hair can be hard to remove and can linger in places you don’t normally see — under couches and beds, on curtains, and on ceiling fans and lamp shades.

Pet hair and dander can be bad news for your home’s air quality, especially if you’re one of the 10% of people allergic to pet dander.

A professional home cleaning service can help you pet-proof your home so your friends and family can breathe easier. A professional cleaner is thorough and detailed, so they’ll cover all the hard-to-reach and often-overlooked places where pet hair can lurk and affect your home’s air quality.

Plus, your family will enjoy wearing black without having to lint roll their clothes before leaving for work or school!

You’re a Caregiver

If you’re a caregiver, hiring a professional house cleaning service can help you maintain a healthy home-living environment for your at-risk client, patient or relative.

If you’re looking after a newborn baby, a disabled relative, or an elderly parent, you may not have the time to prioritize the upkeep of your home (or the home of the patient or client).

But a clean and organized home environment can help decrease the risk of pests and disease, especially in places prone to germs like the bathroom or kitchen.

A professional cleaning service ensures every surface of your home is sanitary, walkways are cleared for walking or wheelchairs, and more. Get your professional home-cleaning quote today and start enjoying more free time now>