Why You Need to Clean Your Chimney Before the First Snow

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Winter weather might be weeks away, but it’s never too early to start preparing your home for cold and snow. Before the first flakes of the season fall in Colorado, chimney cleaning is essential. Learn why you should clean your chimney before the first snow, and discover what could happen if you skip this annual inspection.

Prevent Water Damage

You might not think of your chimney as something that’s susceptible to water damage, but most chimneys are constructed with porous materials that allow moisture to seep in over the course of the winter. If you have your chimney cleaned and inspected before the first snow falls, however, you can prevent wintertime water damage.

Talk with your local chimney professionals about applying a waterproofing solution or installing a chimney cap. Taking these steps helps keep out snowy drafts, freezing rain, and melting snow.

Identify Repairs

Winter weather can cause serious damage to your chimney, especially if it’s already compromised. Snow and moisture can easily worsen existing cracks and broken seals, leading to expensive issues later in the season.

Schedule chimney cleaning and inspection early in the season so that your chimney professional will have the chance to identify and address damage before snow accumulates and obscures areas that need repair. In addition to a standard cleaning, your chimney may require repairs to the chimney crown, mortar joints, or the flashing that creates a seal between the chimney and the roof.

Clear the Air

Waiting to address chimney cleaning and repairs often has cascading effects. Melting snow can seep through cracks and mix with the ash residue in your chimney. Not only does this create additional buildup in your chimney, but it also produces an unpleasant smell.

There’s no need for stale chimney odors to overpower the great smell of a roaring fire, though. Have your chimney cleaned before the snow starts to fall so that you can look forward to great smelling fires all season long.

Eliminate Carbon Monoxide Threats

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, chimneys can produce more than just unpleasant odors. They can also cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home, creating a potentially fatal threat.

A late fall cleaning ensures that your chimney is free from blockages that prevent fumes from venting correctly. With proper chimney ventilation and carbon monoxide detector installation, you can avoid being poisoned by this invisible, tasteless, and odorless gas.

Avoid Chimney Fires

If you’ve been looking forward to crackling fires all summer long, you might be tempted to skip the cleaning and jump right into fireplace season. If it’s been more than a year since the last professional cleaning, however, the buildup in your chimney could elevate a small fire to dangerous levels.

Wood-burning fireplaces generate creosote buildup that accumulates in your chimney. This oily substance is flammable and can lead to fires in the flue. Have your chimney cleaned before the weather cools down so that you can avoid this hazardous situation.

Don’t let your annual chimney cleaning slip through the cracks. Schedule chimney cleaning service today, helping keep your home and your family safe.