Don’t Put Your Home at Risk: Keep a Clean Chimney!

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As cooler nights arrive; you may be craving a cozy fire in the fireplace to warm the chill. Many Colorado homes are gifted with indoor fireplaces, both gas and wood burning, and maintaining the upkeep is important for the safety of your family. According to FEMA, fireplaces account for more than 36% of residential fires every year, and routine cleaning is vital to preventing such tragedies.

Along with a number of safety precautions, General Services Corporation recommends that you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your home, starting with your chimney. We’ve compiled a list of steps to take in preparing your abode for the fall and winter seasons. In addition to following these actions, we encourage you to call Sunshine Chimney Cleaning, a division of General Services Corporation, to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of your chimney.

Inside Protection

Sustaining cleanliness indoors is a great way to ensure fire safety. Keep the area in front of your fireplace clear of debris, décor and belongings of any kind. Not only does these things clutter the tranquil space, they create serious fire hazards. In addition to eliminating any mess, check your fireplace for cracks or fractures, as they could cause problems. Being aware of such issues ahead of time will not only protect your loved ones while snuggling by the fire, but it will save you a great deal of money. Repairing cracks can be pricey but regular upkeep can help you avoid such problems.

Outside Protection

Take some time to walk around your property, checking for fire hazards in the area. Keep all firewood bundles and any wood-related items at least 30 feet away from the house. Check the roof for debris and elements that may contribute to unnecessary house fires. It’s also important to maintain your trees and branches, keeping them at least 15 feet away from the chimney. At this time it’s also recommended to cap your chimney with mesh wiring, as this will protect your home from the many elements of mother nature.

Call The Professionals

One of the best steps you can take in establishing a safe environment for enjoying a fire is relying on the professionals. Our experts at Sunshine Chimney Cleaning will stand by their word, provide quality service and ensure the safety of your home. We can provide you with all of the above services with absolute proficiency. In addition to protecting your home, we will check for code violations, fire hazards and give you valuable safety tips. Chimney cleaning is our main priority and our technicians are highly trained specialists; you and your home will be free of worry while relishing in the warmth of your home!

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