Spring Cleaning: The Best Time to Get Your Chimney Swept

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Improperly cleaned heating equipment — especially chimneys — is the biggest cause of home heating fires.

That’s why it’s so important to have your chimney swept and inspected at least once a year. This helps remove creosote build-up. When there’s too much creosote, accidental fires are more likely to happen.

From more availability with companies to better weather for repairs, spring is typically the best time to get your chimney cleaned.

Chimney-Cleaning Companies Get Busy in the Fall

When fall comes around, cooler temperatures remind homeowners to get maintenance on their chimneys.

Some companies are booked out for weeks, so if you don’t plan, you could wait a while for an opening.

Avoid Harsh Weather

When there is snow or ice on the roof, it’s difficult to the sweep the chimney. This makes for unsafe conditions.

In the spring, the weather is less harsh, making it easier for chimney-cleaning companies to get the job done.

Find Issues Early On

If you wait until the fall to get your chimney cleaned and find a major issue, you’re going to be crunched for time to get it fixed when winter’s just around the corner.

When you get your chimney swept in the spring, you have several months to get it fixed and work it into your schedule and budget.

Winter weather can cause damages to your chimney, so if you get it swept in the spring, you’ll notice those issues right away instead of months after they’ve occurred.

Another benefit to springtime chimney cleaning is that when you do need repairs, masonry work properly cures in temperatures that are above freezing. If you notice an issue in September, you run the risk of encountering cool weather that’s unfavorable for the repairs.

No Fall Maintenance Needed

Some people think that you should always get your chimney cleaned right before the first use. But that’s not the case.

During the summer, you probably don’t use your fireplace. When the weather gets cooler and you want to use it, you don’t need to get it swept again. Creosote won’t build up over the summer if your fireplace isn’t in use.

Keep It Smelling Nice

The summers in Colorado typically stay relatively dry, but in unusually humid weather — or if you live in a place where summers are typically humid — the creosote build-up has been known to start to smell bad.

If you get your chimney cleaned ahead of the humid weather, you’ll also skip out on the unwelcome odor.

Whether it’s springtime or not, it’s important to have your chimney swept and inspected annually to help avoid home fires and expensive repairs.

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