How to Prep for a Professional Carpet Cleaning


As winter melts into spring, you may be happy with the blooming flowers and chirping birds — but not so happy with the mud getting tracked into your home by kids, pets, and your own boots!

The end of mud season is a great time of year to plan a professional carpet cleaning. Whether your home could just use a spruce up or you’ve got a big graduation party to prepare for, a professional carpet cleaning can give your carpets the refresh they need.

Some of the benefits of getting your carpet professionally cleaned include:

If you’re a homeowner or landlord, a professional carpet cleaning can also be helpful when selling or renting your home to new tenants.

Regardless of the reason for your next professional carpet cleaning, preparing your property for a professional carpet cleaning can help you avoid delays or having items get accidentally broken. Most importantly, you want to make

it as easy as possible for your cleaning technician to make your carpets look brand-new again.

From securing valuables and pets to providing easy access for technicians and noting areas of concern, here’s our guide to advance prep for a professional carpet cleaning.

How to Prepare Your Property for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Some professional carpet cleaners will give you a long pre-cleaning to-do list, which can feel like it defeats the purpose of hiring someone to clean your carpets for you.

With General Service Company’s eco-friendly carpet cleaning, there are only a few things to do in preparation of your carpet cleaning:

  1. Take a moment to remove any high-value and/or breakable items from the space to minimize the chance of an accident.
  2. Although our cleaner will do a full inspection before beginning the cleaning process, you may also want to make note of any stains or areas you’re particularly concerned about, and be sure to tell the cleaner about them during the inspection.
  3. Pet owners may want to put their dogs and cats in a secure area of the home if they’re easily excited by new visitors. Plus, the noise from our cleaning equipment might frighten some pets. This also helps to ensure your pet won’t accidentally get out while we’re loading cleaning equipment in and out of your property.
  4. Taking a moment to pick up small items from the floor like dog toys, kid’s playthings, and socks will make our cleaning process go even faster.
  5. On the note of loading in and out, we appreciate having a place to park our vehicle that provides easy access to your property.

With General Services Corporation, you don’t need to worry about vacuuming in advance or moving furniture. Our technician will move furniture as needed, and pre-clean the floors to prepare for our deep clean process.

One exception is very heavy pieces of furniture. We can clean around these pieces. If you’d like to have the carpet underneath them cleaned, you should plan to move it in advance. If you have a piece you’re unsure about, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

After Your Carpet Cleaning

Avoid walking on the carpet (especially with shoes) until the carpet is dry. This can take 2 to 8 hours, depending on how humid the air is on any given day.

Providing air flow by opening windows, turning on fans, and running A/C or heat will help speed up the drying process.

Don’t worry about our carpet cleaning chemicals being harmful to pets or your children — they’re environmentally friendly, and harmless to humans and animals alike.

Is It Time for Your Next Cleaning?

If you want to get the most out of your carpets, don’t wait until they’re a mess to get them professionally cleaned. Your carpets will stay fresher if you maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

For light traffic areas, we recommend a cleaning every 12 to 18 months. But for your high traffic areas a professional deep clean should occur once a year.

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